Trade once, earn twice

System created by traders for traders

Signal Provider Program

Providing opportunity to earn more capital from the trades you already do

Our goal

To be free and stand on your own - that is the most important thing for the majority of traders. That is why we want to interfere in your trading process as little as possible. You trade with your own money, on your own account, on your chosen platform and you get rewarded by us for your own correct decisions. All the way from pocket money up to full income – it depends just, and only, on you.

Benefits of cooperation

Trader is our partner

We listen to your suggestions. Nobody knows better, than the trader, what the ideal terms and conditions of the Program should be.

High rewards

We seek passion for trading - and we are willing to pay for it.

Nothing in small print

No hidden fees, no enrollment fee or financial penalties.

Signal Provider Program Overview


We trade 24 assets - major forex pairs, indeces and commodities List of assets


Stable results get higher reward over time

Stop out/

Reaching -200 pips in one calendar month results in an immediate elimination from the Paid Program back down to DEMO level


You’re allowed to have a max. of 5 open and pending positions at a time

/Only LIVE accounts

We do not pay for mirroring DEMO accounts

/FAIR approach

We are fair and we require the same from our traders

Supported platforms

If you trade on one of these platforms you can be connected.

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